5 Tips on How to Dress on a Date for Men

Let’s face it: Women love clothes. Why else are they constantly shopping and complimenting their girlfriends on that incredible new top or pair of pumps? And while you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with me?” I’ll tell you: More and more, women are expecting, even demanding, that the men they date look more like the “after” images on Queer Eye than the “before.” In other words, showing up at a swanky martini bar in your college hoodie and lucky sneakers may make that first date your last. But passing their scrutinizing standards isn’t as hard as you think; nor does it involve blowing your bank account on a whole new wardrobe.

Here are 5 tips on how to dress on a date:


Tip #1: Whatever you do, don’t wear khakis

To many men, khakis may seem like the perfect first-date standby, being dressier than jeans but more casual than dress pants. But I adamantly stress men should avoid khakis. Khakis scream ‘casual workplace. They just don’t seem sexy. Jeans, on the other hand, are sexy and perfectly acceptable these days in nearly any dating scenario barring a really fancy restaurant with a dress code. Just be sure to stick to the basic dark pair of jeans no matter how much you paid for the overly distressed, hole-y, “rumpled,” bleached, ripped, or torn ones.


Tip #2: Give the striped dress shirt a rest

When it comes to impressing a woman, standing out from the crowd can be key and on that front, nothing kills your chances like a striped dress shirt. Look around at a bar or restaurant. Aren’t stripes everywhere? That’s why you’ll do much better with a shirt with a subtler pattern. Open it up at the neck, and lose the tie, which can make a guy look choked up. A nice polo shirt is a more casual alternative, and also works well under a sport jacket. And last but not least, the shirt should be tucked in. A shirt halfway in, halfway out is a big pet peeve of mine. Most women likes a guy who knows to tuck it in.”


Tip #3: A little colour goes a long way

Unless you’re heading out to meet a Goth chick, dressing all in black is a bit morose. And don’t wear beige. Neutral colours are boring. On the other end of the spectrum, too much flash could be a glaring distraction, so don’t try to stand out with a hot pink t-shirt, fire engine red sweater, or shirt with a logo. A jewel tone like maroon, forest green, and cobalt blue sweater over a white dress shirt will make an attractive, not-too-staid but not-too-flashy statement.


Tip #4: Pay attention to your footwear

Women, as you well know, are shoe-obsessed, and will immediately take note of what you’ve decided to step into this evening. The good news: Barring “work shoes” like wingtips or cap toes, any footwear even sneakers can look fine, especially with jeans. Boots are also appropriate. Anything from motorcycle boots to a more refined option are fine. Now, the bad news: You’d better make sure shoes look really great. Polish them, remove any scuffmarks or crud that’s collected on the sides and bottom. A man who maintains his shoes can be trusted to be detail-oriented in other areas of his life, from his apartment to a relationship.


Tip #5: Don’t forget the details

Shirt, check, jeans, check, shoes, check…think you’re in the clear? Not quite. Paying attention to the particulars is what will really convince a woman you’re a cut above average. What you wear should speak to your individuality. If you’re wearing a shirt with French cuffs, wear interesting cuff-links. And don’t overlook your socks. White gym socks belong at the gym. Anything with a pattern can be fun. Look for something with a design, like hearts or diamonds. If you can pull the right socks off, you’re a winner.


Just keep these simple tips from fashion experts in mind to show women you do indeed have a clue when it comes to style.

4 Things That You Should Do On a Date

Everyone’s different. There’s no real right or wrong when it comes to the game of love. But there are still some basic guidelines to increase your chances of impressing a pretty lady who you someday hope to see naked.

Here are the 4 things you should do on a date:



A simple rule to abide by: you should be at your appointed meeting place five minutes early and assume she’ll be five minutes late. If you want to impress her, don’t make her sit alone at a bar waiting for you. This will also give you ample opportunity to situate yourself somewhere you feel comfortable. Chances are, this date is just as nerve-wracking for her as it is for you, and for her to walk in and be greeted by you as soon as she arrives automatically alleviates the first anxiety-inducing concern: Is he even going to show up? If you’re picking her up, arrive a few minutes early.



Any guy who says that he has been chewed out by a “feminist” for doing either of these things is flat-out lying. Yes, we can open our own doors and pull out our own chairs, but it’s still nice when a guy shows that chivalry is not completely dead. Neglecting to make small gestures like these probably won’t ruin your changes with her completely, but when you do, they notice. I do this a lot and all of my dates are astonished with the gesture.



If she asks you where you’re from, answer, and then accept that as an opportunity to reciprocate with a question as well. Questions serve as more than basic first date ice-breakers, they actually enable you to get to know one another. If she’s sitting there, firing off questions, legitimately trying to get to know you, and you don’t respond in kind, it’s a clear indicator that you’re either not interested or self-absorbed. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been Facebook stalking her for the last six months and you already know that her favourite colour is green and Muffins, her three-legged family dog, died two weeks ago, ask her questions.



They say you should never talk about politics, religion and past flames on a first date. But if you adhere to only one of those, make it the last. Remember, she’s trying to feel you out just as much as you’re trying to feel her out, and she’s feeling just as self-conscious as you are. Imagine how you’d feel if she started to regale you with stories about her Nobel laureate ex-boyfriend with the Super Bowl ring. Also imagine how you’d feel if she started ranting about her loser, cheating, unemployed ex-boyfriend who mooched off of her for three years. There’s just no winning here. I don’t really like these topics either.


There you have it guys, be sure to do these things carefully so that your date will definitely get to like you. Be confident!

6 Signs a Woman likes You

All women are different as is each relationship, so the signs one woman will show will not necessarily match the ones you can expect from another. Same can be said for the male side of the equation, obviously.

Here are the 6 signs that might help us know if the woman likes us:


  1. Eye contact

When this happens, I see someone I like, our eyes tend to relax as we look and that is how we differentiate from the stare we give when someone is suspicious to us. Not only do we make more eye contact, when we like someone our pupils tend to dilate. The brain is literally letting in more light to that we can gather more information. Incidentally our pupils constrict when we are around people we don’t like.


  1. Mirroring and Mimicry

If it is done subconsciously it originates from a pure intention of joining or liking that person. It sends the message of possible trust or empathy or a sense of sameness. It is like she is identifying with you so closely and listening so intently that she has become one with you non-verbally


  1. Less personal space

That tension I feel in an elevator or at an ATM machine when someone is too close goes away when I’m with someone I like. As we get even closer, I find that the naral wings of the edge of the nose of the person interested in me begins to dilate. This is because part of courtship is the smelling and interpreting of pheromones that we all emit. So the person may subconsciously try to sniff me. It’s all very primal.


  1. Body posture

Body positioning is important and can indicate a growing comfort level. Does she uncross her knees? Does she point her knees towards me? Is she leaning towards me or stepping closer to me? Or are her arms crossed in defensive mode? These might sound like small things but they mean something, especially early on.


  1. Body temperature

When I become interested in someone, my skin temperature will rise as blood rushes to the skin, making my lips full and my touch warm. That’s that awesome sexy flush women get when they are aroused, but it may cause individuals to have to ventilate


  1. The hair flip

It is often said that women will touch or flick their hair when they are interested in a man who is nearby. To get attention, the woman merely has to reach for her hair, that movement alone activates our orientation reflex, which is in a very primitive area of the brain responsible for survival and looking for threats. So just as men do things to show off, because it causes others to look at them, the simple act of hair touching gets attention


There are still more signs on how to be able to know if a woman likes you, you just have to be more observant. It’s is not that all hard for you to spot on these signs.


The Situation That Calls For Awesomeness

Hey there! Brian DeLuca here!

Struggling with a date I presume? I should know because why would you be travelling all the way out to my website in the first place?

Being a bad date isn’t really a bad thing, to be honest. Everyone goes through it. Everyone is disgusted by their own actions because of it.

But true enough, everyone learns from it.

However, not everyone learns effectively, to be honest. Some do not recognise their errors during their first date. Some try to understand the value of their actions and often complain the other party is wrong. Some just don’t know when to quit.

But you know what, bad dates call for serious awesomeness.

This is when women understand that something they did could have put off their man. Some men also recognise that they may have come on too strong and maybe he should give his talking a rest and let the woman talk too. The same goes for women who have lots to share to their dates.

You see, a date is not just made up of dinner and conversation. It’s also made of reading how interested your potential partner is.

Men can be interested in women because of their primary instincts driven by hormones. But plenty of men are interested in a woman who enjoys the same things they do. There are also some men looking for women who are dominating.

There are some women looking for men who could listen. Some women are looking for guys who are honest and have a definite plan for themselves, and are consistently looking for ways to squeeze the woman into the plan somehow. Mysterious guys also leave most women in interest as they continue to prowl the guy they want to have a second date with.

If you think about it, an effective dating strategy is when we realise that the man or woman is dressed up properly, can speak and listen very well and understand what we feel right at the moment without having to say anything.

This is how men and women land on a second date.

Now, because you had a bad date doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the idea of dating. That’s a big no, to be honest. It’s essential that you keep on dating. If you don’t want to read this blog and the tips we offer, we suggest you keep on dating to see errors and take note of them.

Dating helps you keep in touch with society and understand what you’re possibly missing out. If you’re not one to fit for your date partner’s ideal, the best way to know about this is to keep on dating and see where it fails.

Because eventually, you’ll find that person you’re looking for. Eventually, the person who will go for you for a second, third and fourth date is a man or woman who recognises your beauty as you are.

But until then, it would be essential to understand how to conduct proper dating.

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